How to write?

Publishing on Airpen

The process of publishing articles on Airpen involves several steps designed to optimize your content for readers. This guide will help you understand the various features and tools available to you for publishing on Airpen.

Adding Tags

To publish an article on Airpen, it's mandatory to add tags. After finishing your article, you can add one or more relevant tags and click on the "Publish" button. This action will add the article to your feed and notify your subscribers via email.

Tags can help readers discover your publications more easily. They could be as general or specific as you want – "technology", "finance", "marketing", etc. By adding tags, you enable readers who are interested in a particular topic to find your work more easily.

Tagging interface

Tip: After typing a tag, hit Enter to validate it before adding another.

Adding Articles to a Feed

The feeds on Airpen work like a series or topic-specific playlist of articles for readers. Including an article in your feed collates related publications in one place, improving organization and discoverability.

When you add an article to your feed, your subscribers are notified, potentially increasing engagement and fostering a loyal reader base.

Creating a Feed

Creating feeds can be initiated from two places:

  1. In your draft: Click “Publish”, and if no feeds are available in your profile, you will be prompted to create one.

Create feed from draft
  1. In your profile: Navigate to the Feeds section.

Create feed from profile

Click the Create Feed button and don't forget to add a cover image to make your feed more attractive.

Feed creation form

Just fill in the form and add your published content to your feed.


Note: You can edit a feed after creating it, update informations and add new publications.

Alerting Subscribers via Email

Please reffer to the Subscribers section for more information on how to manage your subscribers.

Airpen helps you grow and manage your reader community efficiently.

Once your article has been tagged and added to a feed (optional), clicking "Publish" will alert your subscribers via email, encouraging them to engage with your new content.

Tips to Increase Engagement

Engaging directly with subscribers can build community and loyalty around your content. Responding to comments and questions, ensuring high-quality content, and maintaining relevance to your target audience can significantly increase readership over time.

You may also consider distributing your articles on other platforms to reach a broader audience. Copy the link to your article and share it on social media or other platforms to gain more readers.